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Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma New Twist

TMKOC: Dayaben In, Anjali Bhabhi Out?

Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma a.k.a. TMKOC is undoubtedly one of the most popular Hindi shows to ever run on Indian television. It has been on televisions since last 12 year since its beginning in 2008.

The story based on the popular column by Writer and Journalist Taarak Mehta, who made it for a Gujarati weekly magazine named Chitralekha. The story mostly revolves around residents of Gokuldham Society who face various day to day problems, and help each other to bring themselves out of trouble. It is a light comedy which can be watched with family on SAB TV.

One of the most important reasons behind the success of the show is cast of the show, who, over the long term have become so relevant to the story that the story can’t be imagined without their presence.

Disha Vakani, who’s known by masses as Dayaben took a maternity leave when her daughter was born few years ago, which the fans have felt like several years. There were rumours that she would come back soon but neither she returned nor did show makers brought someone else in her place.

But finally, there seem to be good news for the fans after all these years. Jennifer Mistry, who is popularly known as Mrs. Sodhi in the show, put some light on the return of Dayaben in the show, in her latest interview with Times of India. Talking about it, she supported Disha’s decisions to get married and start a family and she said that when finally the moment has arrived we should not disturb her. She also mentioned that they are still close and keep in touch with each other on call.

She also praised Disha a lot otherwiss when she said, ” Disha is the most cooperative artist and we can learn a lot from her. She admired and respected everyone throughout her Taarak Mehta…. journey. We shared the same room so if I entered and she was getting her makeup done, she would immediately get up and offer the seat to me saying ‘you sit get your makeup done’. I will do my own makeup. If there was a break she would give the bed to me to rest. During lunch also she and I both would get something for each other. “

But the good news does not come alone. While we are hearing news of Dayaben’s return, there are very strong rumours about Neha Mehta, popularly known as Anjali Bhabhi, deciding to leave the show. One spotboy confirmed according to sources that Neha Mehta has already told Producers about her decision. She is not even reporting to the sets these days. Accordingly, Neha would not be appearing in any of the upcoming episodes of TMKOC.

These recent developments are surely confusing for the fans. How the show will proceed from here onwards will be an worth keeping an eye on.


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