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How add a picture in Google search?

There are countless picture on Google we encounter while surfing through Google search engine. Have you ever wondered how you can add your images  in these ocean of images?There are billions of images on even a single word. If you type your name on Google search you will see thousands of results too, but none of them will match you. If you pay attention on these images  you will notice that most of them profile images or images taken from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. So by making an account on any of these social sites you can also add your image on Google search but only higher number of liked photos or say popular photos are added in Google search. But not all of us have very popular accounts so if you want to add your photo then, change your account name to some unique name and your most liked image will be visible in Google search on that account name.

If this does not work for you, you can simply add your image via any browser by following these simple steps.
Step 1– choose any web browser like Google chrome

Step 2-search www.google.com

Step 3– tap on the 3 dots on right upper side and scroll down where you will see option of “desktop site”, tap on it.

Step 4-now you will see images written on right upper corner, tap on it.

Step 5- tap on the camera symbol

Step 6– now you have two options either paste the URL of the image or click on the right side on upload an image

Step 7– tap on choose file and choose from any of the options given.

Step 8– select the image you want to upload and then it will start uploading.

Once the uploading is done then congratulation your image is on Google search. By doing this you can add as many pictures as you want.
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