Today  History  - History   on   October

Today History - History on October 18

Today History - History on October 18.

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Today  History

1952 Vinoo Mankad takes 13 Pakistan wkts to win 1st India-Pak clash

1992 Start of Zimbabwe's 1st Test match, v India at Harare

Famous Birthdays

1950 Om Puri, Indian Bollywood amateur (Aakrosh, Ardh Satya), built-in in Ambala, Haryana

1984 Freida Pinto, Indian Bollywood extra (Slumdog Millionaire, Rise of the Planet of the Apes), built-in in Mumbai, India

Famous Deaths

2004 Veerappan, Indian brigand and smuggler (b. 1945)


The "shoemakers of Boston"--the aboriginal activity alignment in what would become the United States--was accustomed by the Massachusetts Bay Colony.



Edict of Nantes aerial by Louis XIV. The edict, active at Nantes, France, by King Henry IV in 1598, gave the Huguenots religious liberty, civilian rights and security. By abandoning the Edict of Nantes, Louis XIV abrogated their religious liberties.


The Allies defeat Napoleon Bonaparte at Leipzig.


The Alaska area is formally transferred to the U.S. from Russian control.


The rules for American football are formulated at affair in New York a part of assembly from Columbia, Rutgers, Princeton and Yale universities.


The acclimate base at the top of Ben Nevis, Scotland, the accomplished abundance in Britain, is declared open. Acclimate stations were set up on the acme of mountains all over Europe and the Eastern United States in adjustment to accumulate advice for the new acclimate forecasts.


M. Baudry is the aboriginal to fly a airship beyond the English Channel--from La Motte-Breil to Wormwood Scrubbs.


The Aboriginal Balkan War break out amid the associates of the Balkan League--Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Montenegro--and the Ottoman Empire.


Czechs appropriate Prague and abdicate Hapsburg's rule.


Madrid opens a alms system.


Russian Soviets admission Crimean independence.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt bans war submarines from U.S. ports and waters.


Lt. General Joseph Stilwell is recalled from China by admiral Franklin Roosevelt.


The Aboriginal Turkish Brigade arrives in Korea to abetment the U.N. armament angry there.


A Russian unmanned aircraft makes the aboriginal landing on the apparent of Venus.


US athletes Tommi Smith and John Carlos abeyant by US Olympic Committee for giving "black power" address while accepting their medals at the Olympic Games in Mexico City.


Bolivian admiral Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada resigns in the deathwatch of protests centered about Bolivia's accustomed gas resources.